Which smart band has SpO2?

Which smart band has SpO2?

Is blood oxygen saturation used to diagnose COVID-19? What is the normal value of blood oxygen saturation for the average person?

SpO2 (Oxygen saturation) refers to the ratio of oxygenated heme to total heme in the blood. The normal blood oxygen concentration is between 95-100%, and the gradually hypoxic blood oxygen concentration is between 91-94%. If it is lower than 90%, it is low blood oxygen, and there is a chance of shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, dizziness, headache and other symptoms, and even coma in severe cases. Therefore, blood oxygen saturation is a warning signal for detecting health. 

Since pneumonia is mentioned, many people first think: Can blood oxygen concentration be used to diagnose new coronary pneumonia COVID-19/Omicron?

It is a pity that there is no scientific literature that clearly supports that blood oxygen can be directly used as the basis for diagnosis. However, since the occurrence of the disease, more and more voices from the medical community have expressed that understanding the changes in blood oxygen concentration in one's own blood may be used for early detection of "possible diagnosis". omen.

Low blood oxygen saturation can easily lead to symptoms such as shortness of breath and physical fatigue, and low blood oxygen saturation can even damage organ function. It has been reported that some foreign COVID-19 patients are in a state of Silent Hypoxia. Although there are no obvious symptoms at the early stage of diagnosis, their body organs have been damaged to varying degrees, and then their condition deteriorates rapidly. It can be seen that the blood oxygen saturation value is closely related to physical health and can directly reflect the health warning. For chronically ill patients and the elderly, using an oximeter to measure blood oxygen saturation can help detect changes in physical conditions and seek medical treatment early.

This can be overcome through blood oxygen smart watches, all-weather blood oxygen detection, better understanding of blood oxygen changes and blood oxygen saturation in our normal health state, with different detection devices and different measurement parts, there will be different The reference interval of , we should observe the trend change, not the absolute value. At this time, the usual record observation is very important. In addition to blood oxygen, the watch’s all-weather heart rate detection can measure sleep quality, heart rate variability, etc. for us, giving us more reference for health checks.

In conclusion, because it can be worn all day long and used with smartphone APP, it is suitable for long-term health status tracking. It should be noted that smart sports watches are not medical equipment, and are more suitable for people who are in good physical condition and mainly perform simple exercises to assist in checking their physical conditions.

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