Spovan SPV600 Smart Fishing Point Air Pressure Monitor Outdoor Sports Watch

Spovan SPV600 Smart Fishing Point Air Pressure Monitor Outdoor Sports Watch

Do you like fishing? Do you use tool when you go fishing? What tools do you use for fishing? Fishing rod?

Today I will tell you how to fish effectively. By using our Spovan SPV600 Smart Fishing Point Outdoor Sports Watch, which helps you fish scientifically.

This digital fishing barometer is professionally designed for fishing enthusiasts. It can increase the chances of successful fishing and bring you more fishing fun. As we all know, atmospheric pressure will affect the activity of fish, through fishing point pressure record: 6 fishing point pressure record, pressure record, depth record, such as high air pressure, high dissolved oxygen in water, fish will be active and have a good appetite. On the contrary, the fish will be lethargic and have a bad appetite. If we know the air pressure trend and fishing spot pressure tracking, it can greatly increase the chances of successful fishing.

Six groups of fishing point air pressure records and fishing point depth records
*Press D key to save the current fishing point pressure
*When the air pressure is not saved, the air pressure is displayed as "----"

Fishing reminder
In a barometric log record, when tracking mode monitors fishing barometric pressure at a point. The watch reminder function is turned on, and the icon flashes

EL backlit screen, glare is still clear
Support EL backlight, adjust contrast, ensure good readability in various environments.

Outdoor sports focus on stress in real time. Make exercise healthier. Automatically record the current sea level pressure at each point every hour to generate a pressure history curve

Stress tracking
Recorded fishing spot pressure can also be viewed at home. When is the right time for fishing. Six groups of fishing spot pressure real-time tracking

The height and temperature are accurately measured, and the data display is clear at a glance. Allows you to keep outdoor data at all times

As an outdoor sports enthusiast, you can keep track of the temperature at any time. Be prepared to travel for safe and healthy exercise

Waterproof to 50 meters
The water depth is 50 meters, which can cope with daily use.

Weather forecast
Knowing weather conditions can help travel safely. Four weather conditions display

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