SW09 Super Large Full Touch Color Screen Smart Watch For Female

SW09 Super Large Full Touch Color Screen Smart Watch For Female

Smart watches have gradually become everyone's personal life partners, and are no longer simply designed for sports users. In addition to helping you manage the trivial matters of your life, it also becomes your dressing accessory, allowing you to set off a completely different style today.

SW09 is equipped with a 1.69-inch full-touch color screen. The widescreen display makes it easier for you. With the help of optical electronic sensors, accurate heart rate and blood pressure monitoring can be provided. Use different sport modes to record your approach and improve the field. SW09 has built-in music playback remote control, remote control shooting, sleep monitoring, weather forecast, incoming call and message reminder and other functions waiting for you to discover

Accurate heart rate and blood pressure monitor
With optical electronic sensor for accurate monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure

Ultra-thin case, bigger screen
1.69-inch full-touch color large screen. 5 different watch faces to choose from.

Call and SMS alerts
You can view and read messages or reject incoming calls directly on your watch

Multiple APP reminders
Built-in water drinking, sedentary and message notification functions and more...

Wake screen
You can wake the screen with just a twist of your wrist.

Built-in music remote control function
You can go back or forward to the next song on the watch remote

Camera remote
You can take pictures remotely with your watch

Sleep monitoring
Automatically monitor your sleep quality and generate reports

Menstrual period reminder
Predicts and reminds you when your period will start, records individual cycles and calculates ovulation time
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