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What are the materials of Spovan watch surface and how do we identify them?

Wearing a smartwatch or sports watch in daily life often causes scratches on the mirror surface of the watch. If you take good care of it, this situation will be reduced, but these scratches are accidentally generated. There are currently three types of mirrors on the market: plastic glass, mineral glass, and sapphire crystal glass. Most of Spovan watches use these three types mirrors for the watch surface.

No matter what kind of materials, they have played the most important role in protecting your smartwatch or outdoor sports watch.

First, acrylic. Most of Spovan watches uses this material, and there are still many watches in use. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be scratched, and the transparency is slightly poor, but because it is elastic and not easy to break, it is also called safety glass. Although the plexiglass is prone to scratches, when it is scratched, it can be polished directly on the glass to make it smooth again, and there is no need to replace the lens unless the scratches are too deep.

Second, mineral glass, also known as tempered glass, removes impurities from the glass to make it a finished product with better transparency. Most spovan outdoors watches are made of this material, such as Gemini Compass Digital Watch, MG01 Altimeter Outdoor sports watch and etc, which are more wear-resistant and less scratched than plastic glass. (But it will still be scratched), the hardness is about 5 degrees Mohs hardness, so it is relatively easy to break.

Third, the sapphire crystal glass mirror, which combines the advantages of plastic glass and ore glass, has a very high density, and its hardness is second only to diamond, which is 9 degrees of Mohs hardness, and will not be scratched. There will only be cracks, and the whole piece will not fall apart. The advantage of this material is expensive. For spovan ECG H03 ecg fitness smart band, there are two types of models: one is made of acrylic, another is made of sapphire crystal glass mirror.

Generally speaking, sapphire crystal is three times stronger than mineral glass and 20 times stronger than plexiglass.

What to do if the glass of the watch is broken

The watch glass belongs to the appearance part, which is the most important part of the watch and has the greatest chance of friction and impact with the outside world. So watch surface is the most easily damaged part. So what should I do if the glass of the watch is broken?

Replacing a watch mirror is not an easy task. It is best to send it to a watch shop and hand it over to a professional watch repairer to replace it. At this point you only need to do the following:

1. Never adjust the calendar quickly.

2. Pull out the crown to stop the watch.

3. Avoid violent vibration and shaking that will cause secondary damage to the watch

4. Remind the watch maintenance worker to be careful during the repair process, and do not let the broken glass damage the dial and hands.

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