Do I need to keep Bluetooth on for a smartwatch?

Do I need to keep Bluetooth on for a smartwatch?

Smartwatches are still in high demand. It is of great interest due to its effective functions related to health and fitness and its ability to monitor blood oxygen levels.

Smartwatches aren't smart until they're connected via a smartphone. With Bluetooth pairing, people can easily manage calls and notifications from their wrist.

Can a smartwatch work without bluetooth? Let me tell you more!

Of course, you can use the smartwatch without bluetooth. It depends on your requirenments for a smartwatch.

If you just use a smartwatch for watching time, do sports, you don't need to connect your watch with smartphone app by bluetooth, but if you want to record the sports data, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, ecg test data and analysis and storage, then you need to keep bluetooth on for your smartwatch.

Most of Spovan smartwatch use bluetooth to connect smartwatch with smart phone.  Let me introduce you several hot and new bluetooth smartwatch:

Spovan WS7 1.75 Inch Full Touch Screen Blood Pressure Oxygen Android iOS Fashion BT Calling Wireless Charging NFC Smartwatch is a multifunctional smartwatch which integrates many features in one small and exquisite body. With precise blood pressure measurement and heart rate monitoring, this watch is suitable for health maintenance or sports training. It also supports Bluetooth calling/music playing, pedometer and so on. You will like it!

A fitness tracker smart watch with a heart rate monitor and more, our W7 smart watch from BT Call is the perfect device for tracking your daily workouts and keeping tabs on your sleep schedule. Record steps, distance and calorie consumption or challenge yourself to meet daily goals with 6 different sport modes. Plan calories for breakfast lunch and dinner with a built-in calorie calculator.

We are proud to introduce the W7 smart watch; A truly innovative design that you'll want to wear all day and night.

In a word, whether you need to keep bluetooth on for a smartwatch or not, it depends on what kind of functions you need from a smart watch.


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