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Spovan Comet outdoor full-function sports watch

The earliest function of a watch was to help people record time. With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, people are no longer satisfied that a watch can only have a timekeeping function. Full-featured watches came into being.

Today I will introduce to you the SPOVAN outdoor full-function sports watch

The overall design of the dial is relatively low-key and unassuming! The above indicators are all inverse. One circle of the dial can be freely rotated to refer to the direction of the compass

Compared with Casio's watches, the appearance design is more flamboyant, mine is not very flamboyant, many G-SHOCK series watches, the appearance is very exaggerated! Another Mi Dong watch is also relatively low-key

The strap is made of silicone skin-friendly material, which is comfortable to wear.

Two-color inside and outside, there is a button to remove the strap shaft on the back, and the back of the dial is made of stainless steel.

The back of the watch does not have any photoelectric sensor and Bluetooth function, so it cannot measure the pulse, nor can it be connected to a smartphone. There is no GPS positioning inside the fuselage, but in exchange for a long standby time, a button battery can be used for 18 months, which is amazing!

The watch is waterproof to 50 meters (intensive waterproofing in daily life), it can be rained, washed the car, and drenched in water normally, but it can't swim and press the button underwater, everyone should pay attention. The waterproof 50 meters mentioned here does not really mean that it can be placed under water within a range of 50 meters. This is just a waterproof indicator language. If you need to swim and wear it, you need to buy a watch that is waterproof to 100 meters.

Under the sunlight during the day, the display of the dial can still be seen clearly

The thickness of the watch is less than 13 mm, which is medium thickness! It's good for boys to wear, and a little bit bigger for girls! Weight about 104 grams

Through the probe inside the watch, the watch can measure the ambient temperature and air pressure. The accuracy can reach plus or minus 1 degree and plus or minus 1Mb. At the same time, the barometric pressure watch can help you convert it into an altitude value.

The pedometer of the watch adopts a 9-step functional pedometer method. When starting to exercise, the pedometer will judge whether the user is walking normally according to the frequency and amplitude of the movement. If so, the pedometer will accumulate the previous 9 steps. , and starts to display from step 10; if the measurement action is irregular, it will judge that the user is not in the walking state, and the pedometer will give up the step counting. This function avoids the misjudgment caused by arm movements in most non-walking times as much as possible.

The watch also helps you convert calories burned based on data such as running time, stride frequency, and mileage.
The alarm clock has two groups, ALM1 and ALM2, which run independently. There is also the opening and closing of the punctuation. The watch can store 7 days of historical step information (automatic deletion before 7 days)

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