Spovan Element 1 hiking waterproof mountaineering pocket watch

Spovan Element 1 hiking waterproof mountaineering pocket watch

Today I will share with you a mountaineering watch.

SPOVAN "Element 1" mountaineering pocket watch, this is indeed a pocket watch, breaking the impression of mountaineering watches.

If you are used to the mountaineering watches of Casio, Suntop, Garmin and other brands. When you suddenly saw this Spowe "Element 1" mountaineering pocket watch, it really gave you a fresh feeling, and you couldn't wait to experience it. Mountaineering pocket watch.

Let's take a look at the main functions of "Element 1":

Hours, minutes, seconds, year, month, day and week display, the year range is 2000-2099

5 groups of alarm functions, one group with snooze function, four groups of date alarms

report punctually

Stopwatch, 99 groups of stopwatch record queries, countdown function

Electronic compass, barometric pressure, altitude, temperature, weather forecast, World time, 28 cities and daylight saving time and Step count.

The above main functions are basically the same as those of the Casio Protrek series of mountaineering watches. In addition, it is worth commending that the operation of this watch is basically similar to that of Casio. Friends who are familiar with Casio mountaineering watches can get used to it. The operation is very simple. Compared with the "Beidou" anti-human combination key operation mode that the author has evaluated before, I don't know how high it is.

The appearance size of "Element 1" is similar to that of a traditional pocket watch, with a diameter of 52.2mm and a thickness of 15.5mm, which is just right in the hand.

The stainless steel shell has a weight of 106g, which is heavy in the palm of the hand and has a great texture.

The back is consistent with the whole body, and it is also polished by stainless steel. It has to be said that after using this method for a period of time, there will definitely be a lot of patterns caused by friction with the desktop and pockets.

The small hole at 12 o'clock on the back is the sensor hole. In daily use, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the hole to avoid blockage and cause the sensor to fail.

The mirror surface is tempered glass, which is more wear-resistant

The backlight of "Element 1" is cool green, relatively weak, and the brightness is not adjustable, just enough to be seen clearly. This should also be done to reduce energy consumption. In an outdoor environment, it is better to minimize the use of backlight to avoid excessive power consumption.

"Element 1" uses the most common CR2032 button battery, which is very easy to buy, basically available in supermarkets, convenience stores, and stationery stores. A PVC lanyard is also included with the watch.

Our SPOVAN "Element 1" mountaineering pocket watch can be said to be of high quality and low price. It is equipped with a relatively complete outdoor function and has a creative retro pocket watch style. It is also a good choice for you to match.

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