What types of batteries are used for Spovan smartwatch?

What types of batteries are used for Spovan smartwatch?

A smart watch is equivalent to having a small computer. We all know that if the smart watch needs to be used for a long time, it must be supported by a long-lasting and high-quality battery, so this determines that the smart watch should be powered by a high-performance polymer lithium battery to ensure the product is sustainable and efficient. , Stable operation to meet the user's long-term reliable and safe use requirements, in this case, do you know the types of the smartwatch battery? 

The battery used in smart watches has a great feature, that is, the thickness of the battery of smart watches must be relatively thin, and because the dials of smart watches are mostly round, the internal space and capacity of the battery can be maximized. Or nearly round lithium batteries are the best choice for smart watches at present, so the shape of smart watch batteries on the market is mostly round batteries. The capacity can be increased by 40%, which can well meet the requirements of users for long-term reliable and safe use. Since the round special-shaped battery can meet the needs of smart watches for batteries, what are the round battery models of Spovan smart watches?

Our spovan smartwatch usually use these two types of batteries. CR battery and polymer lithium battery.

What's the advantages of CR battery? First, no need charge; second, long standby time up to one year; third, easy to replace and cheap price for each piece.

Spovan PR series military smartwatches use CR2032 battery, they are popular with most customers.

military sport watch

And what's the advantages of polymer lithium battery: It has the advantages of high specific energy, miniaturization, ultra-thinness, light weight and more safety.

Spovan SW10 smart watch is a powerful companion that enables you to realize your fitness and lifestyle goals. This multifuctional smart watch comes in an ultra-thin design that fits comfortably on your wrist, making it easier to wear every day. You can also track your health through the built-in heart rate monitor, oxygen saturation monitor, and blood pressure monitor. Use the rotary button shift UI to switch between exercise mode, timer mode and sedentary reminder mode. 

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