What's the difference between smart watch and sports watch?

What's the difference between smart watch and sports watch?

With the development of science and technology, smart wearable devices are also developing rapidly, and now there are many types for users to choose from, even to a dizzying level. Many users who do not know much also equate smart watches with sports watches. However, in fact, these two watches are also worn on the hand, but they are not the same two products.

To put it simply, smart watches focus on "smart life", which is a collection of smart devices shrunk on the wrist, while sports watches focus on "sports", which can reflect your exercise data and analyze exercise results.

Below, I will share with you in detail the different advantages of sports watches and smart watches.

Advantages of a smartwatch

1. Rich application functions

For example, call reminder, information reminder function, sleep function, exercise step counting, calorie consumption, schedule management, alarm clock reminder, GPS positioning, track navigation, temperature altitude, compass function. These are the features that most smartwatches on the market have. These smart functions greatly improve the user's adhesion and the frequency of repeated use of the watch. From a single view of time, it develops in multiple dimensions and in multiple directions.

2. Health monitoring function

The detection function is the largest functional application of the smart watch. The accurate positioning of the health function of the smart watch from the beginning of the development is the just-needed machine for the smart watch. Health is the biggest appeal of the human body. Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, mood and fatigue monitoring are all closely related to health. This is an important function that traditional watches cannot provide.

3. Voice interaction function

For example, the voice search and voice control functions of smart watches. The smart watch can be used as a transmission medium to connect air conditioners, washing machines, speakers, and other home appliances. Indirect or direct control of other household appliances or automotive products, etc. Now there are some smart watches with built-in smart applications such as Xiao Ai, which is more convenient for human-computer interaction

4. Convenient payment function

Wearing a smart watch can realize the payment of bus card and subway card, and even consumer payment parties can complete it through smart watches. But at present, the number of people using such watches is not too large. The climate has not yet formed, and it will still take time to observe. 

Advantages of sports watches

1. Strong battery life

The half marathon closes in 3 hours, the whole horse closes in 6 hours, not to mention 50 kilometers off-road and 100 kilometers off-road... If you turn on the heart rate and GPS of the watch, you can't stand it without long battery life. Therefore, most professional sports watches are blessed with long battery life.

2. Various sports modes

Professional sports watches basically include running, cycling, walking, swimming and other sports modes, covering everything from daily sports to triathlon, which can meet the needs of sports enthusiasts at all levels.

3. Excellent waterproof function

With the swimming mode, most professional sports watches are waterproof to 50 meters and above, and you can rely on GPS to obtain data when swimming outdoors, which is the same as running. Swimming in an indoor pool, you only need to set the length of the lane, it can be separated from the GPS signal and rely on the built-in motion sensor of the watch to help you record the swimming style, the number of back and forth, the number of strokes and other data.

4. Heart rate monitoring function

In the past two years, most sports watches have been equipped with heart rate monitoring functions, which can record changes in heart rate data in real time during exercise, making exercise safer and more efficient. In addition, in addition to knowing the heart rate data in real time to maintain a safe exercise state, some GPS Sports Watches will automatically notify your emergency contacts when you trigger an extreme heart rate for a long time or accidentally fall during exercise.

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