Why do you need a smartband with blood Oxygen

Why do you need a smartband with blood Oxygen

Because COVID-19 cause blood oxygen to drop, but the patient is not easily aware of it. Therefore, it is recommended that the confirmed person check the blood oxygen level once or twice a day during the stay at home and isolation. If the blood oxygen is found to be lower than 95%, seek medical attention as soon as possible . 

H03 Heart Rate ECG Blood Oxygen Smart Bracelet is equipped with a 1.14-inch TFT high-definition color screen display, which is easy to read. The built-in ECG sensor monitors your real-time heart rate, HRV blood pressure and blood oxygen spO2 with a real blood oxygen sensor. The pedometer accurately and automatically records the number of steps you take every day. Display incoming calls, messages, emails and social media activity. Multi-sport mode allows you to record data more accurately.

1.14-inch screen / ECG, blood oxygen / health monitoring
Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, ECG, HRV, Calories, Steps, Distance, Timing, Incoming Call Reminder, Find Phone

24 hours continuous heart rate monitor
Using an intelligent algorithm from Silicon Labs in the United States, it can automatically send an alarm when the heart rate is too high.

Heart rate variability monitoring
Cardiac arrhythmia is a disease that is easy to occur and difficult to detect. Our bracelets can detect HRV and display a Lorentz scatter plot, which is helpful in analyzing various cardiac abnormalities.

sleep monitoring
Automatically monitor your sleep quality and generate reports. Includes sleep time, wake, insomnia, REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep.

Blood oxygen monitoring
Sleep range of motion, respiratory rate, hypoxia time, apnea, cardiac load.

Various types of cardiac data analysis
heart rate variability
Real-time HRV tracking test, analyze each heartbeat to obtain health information in time, and keep abreast of heart health.
Lorenz Scatter Plot
The APP features a Lorentz scatter plot as a tool for analyzing heart health.
The APP has modules for effective screening of 32 ECG diseases.

A variety of ECG testing methods
Handheld, pad mode, tested on the wrist

Other functions
Information reminder, remote camera, sedentary reminder

H03 smart watch can test blood oxygen anytime, anywhere, whether it is during office hours, sports, or at home.

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